GTA4 100%

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Finally completed Grand Theft Auto 4 100% this morning!

Key To The City: You completed GTA IV to

Pretty stoked about that. Turns out the last bits I had to do, as I suspected, was to take my friends out to do all the activities.

I also got the “Walk Free” achievement this morning - escaping a four-star wanted level alive. Secret to that one is to land a helicopter in the embassy and get out (instant four-star wanted level), then fly the helicopter to a secluded beach in the north where there’s a boat. Get in the boat and just avoid the other boats, which isn’t too hard. Might try for some of the others, like “One Man Army” (survive five minutes with six-star wanted level), but generally, after 80 hours, I’m pretty much done. I love the game, had a great time with it, definitely got my money’s worth, but there are other games I have

  • games I got for Christmas last year - that I need to get to.