Welcome Kai and Stanley

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Welcome Kai and Stanley

We were out running errands today and decided to stop in at the Petco because today was the day the local shelter brings kitties in to show (and hopefully find homes for) and Jenn wanted to see what sorts of kitties were out there.

The result of that trip is that we now have two new 10-week-old kitten brothers we’ve named Kai and Stanley. They’re gray tabbies and very playful. Xev, our six-year-old brown tabby, is still taking some time to get used to them, but otherwise they’re really making themselves at home. (Xev doesn’t like to play nearly as much as these wild stallions do, so they’ll keep each other busy and she’ll still be able to participate and have friends so she won’t be lonely.)

Tomorrow will be their first full day at home, so this should be interesting.

(Oh, and bonus points if you know why our cats are named Xev, Kai, and Stanley without Googling it.)