Speaking at InnoTech Oregon 2008

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The InnoTech Oregon conference is going on April 16 and 17 at the Portland Convention Center. I’ll be speaking in the Developer track on “Unit Testing with TypeMock.”

Unit testing checks the behavior of the code you write by testing just that code, isolated from the rest of the system. It’s complementary to integration testing and is an important step toward ensuring reliability of the entire system in production. Unfortunately, not everything is designed with testability in mind. Third-party dependencies can throw a wrench in the works. You may need to add tests for legacy code that isn’t easily isolated. And what if the public-facing methods and properties on your code make it easy to use but hard to test? This session will show you how to have your unit testing cake and eat it, too, using NUnit and TypeMock.

I’m the last session of the last day - April 17, 3:30p - so if you want to see some TypeMock Isolator in action, come check it out.