P&P Nerd Dinner

GeekSpeak comments edit

Went to Hanselman’s Nerd Dinner last night and must say, it was well worth it.  A lot of folks turned out for it, including Omar Shahine, Adam Kinney, John Lam, Jason Haley… oh, yeah, and Lutz Roeder.  A great social event and a piroshkyHellz yeah.

Oh, I bugged Lutz about it again, and he’s letting me releaseCR_Documentoras open source.  Apparently there was some political hoopla going on before that would have been bad had I released it, but that seems to have passed so it’s cool now.  All you folks wanting new features and wondering why I’ve been stagnating - now you can contribute.  I’m going to finish up my refactor of it so it’s stable and get it out there. This definitely gives me a renewed interest in finishing up the next release.  Yay!