Horton Wedding

It’s been a heck of a busy week, so I haven’t had a chance to blog about the wedding I went to this past weekend.

Saturday Jenn and I packed up and headed to Puyallup, WA, to see my cousin Haley get married. The ceremony was at High Cedars Golf Club. It was a nice ceremony, though the minister seemed a little frazzled like he had never performed a marriage ceremony before. Regardless, congratulations to Haley and Adam Horton.

Immediately following the wedding there was a minor incident involving Adam running over Haley’s dress with a golf cart and ripping the back on it, but a few safety pins later and Adam’s first married-life “I’m sorry,” everything was back in order.

The real excitement came when we checked into our hotel up there. We stayed at the Crossland Economy Studios up there because we knew the wedding would go reasonably late and we didn’t want to drive the three hours back that night.

When we made the reservation, they offered us our choice of a room with two double beds or a room with two queen beds. A double’s a little small, so I picked the room with two queens. When we got there, they told me the hotel was packed, so rather than getting one room with two beds, they had me in two rooms, each with one bed, where each room would only cost me half price. Not needing two beds, I told the clerk I only needed one of the rooms. The cool part - I got to keep the half price. So I stayed there for $35, including tax.

The not so cool part - the bed was a freaking double. Oh, and the mattress was firm, sort of in the sense that a sheet of plywood laying on cement is firm. But, hey, $35, right?

We had a decent drive home the next day (though the trip south on I-5 is one of the most boring drives ever) and spent most of the day Sunday lounging on the couch, exhausted.