The Tree Is Brighter

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I got home yesterday and Jenn decided we should go cold turkey and get all new ornaments for the tree, once again proving I made the right decision on October 14.

We stopped in at Starbucks for a peppermint mocha Frappuccino and continued on to Target where we loaded up with various sizes of gold and red balls as well as a few accent ornaments we thought were really cool. Brought all that back home, un-decorated the tree, packed up the old ornaments, and decorated the tree with our all-new fixings during the commercials while watching Heroes.

It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I’m really curious how the tree skirt will look when we get it done, but it’s mostly black and gold with a little cream in it, so it should be OK. The tree topper is still the one that came with the tree, but it’s not horrible and we ran out of Target gift cards getting the ornaments anyway.

So I don’t hate the tree anymore. Next step - finishing the tree skirt!