Painting Mostly Successful

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Yesterday my trim got repainted because it was looking sort of nasty and flaking off a bit. Taking a little pride in ownership, I decided it was about time to spruce the place up.

I had to stay home all day because part of the repaint included the front door, which hung open almost all day so the painters had access to it and so it would dry nicely around the edges. At the end, I did a walkthrough and looked at the job. Looked nice and clean. Awesome.

Jenn was out with some friends last night so she didn’t get to see the paint. She went out this morning to check it out.

Oh boy.

Under the soffits where they painted, all the paint looked like it was bubbling or dripping. You can see near the garage where it actually did drip and got on my vinyl trim. That definitely wasn’t there during the walkthrough.

I called the painters up and let them know what I’m seeing. They’re coming back out today to see about fixing it up. Why does this stuff always have to be a pain? I guess I should be happy; at least they’re not leaving me in the lurch. We’ll have to see how this goes.

Other minor news - I think the house has settled in the last couple of years and the door to the cats’ room (which remains open all the time, and which I had to close yesterday so the beasts didn’t escape through the open front door) really won’t close anymore. The top of the door rubs on the door frame. It was a little snug before, but now it’s just crazy. Looks like I’ve got something else to fix.