Bikes, Doors, Painting, and Ghost Recon

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This weekend was a nice relaxing one, which is a good thing, since we’ve got our weekends pretty much booked solid between now and the wedding. It’s amazing the number of things that you really can’t do in the evening when you get home from work.

Saturday Jenn and I picked up a fairly difficult puzzle from the store and spent some time together watching movies and doing the puzzle. It was nice to not have to run around and do things, and we enjoyed spending some time together working on the puzzle. It’s been a while since we just sat and worked on something like that.

Sunday Jenn got bored, which is pretty normal for Jenn. Jenn, bless her heart, is a very binary sort of person. She’s either hungry or full, but never in between. She’s either entertained or bored, but never in between. Sunday was a “bored” day, so we started talking about different things to do. We ended up going to Bike N’ Hike and Bike Gallery to look at different bikes (since we don’t actually own any).

Bikes are damn expensive.

Granted, I haven’t had a bike since I was a kid, so I really had no concept of how much bikes cost, but I was thinking maybe a couple hundred bucks, tops. Turns out you can get a super low-end bike for that, but if you want to ride it in any reasonable capacity, you’re probably looking at the $300 mark. Plus helmets. Plus a bike rack for the car so you can take the bikes out to a place to ride. I don’t see us starting this one up for less than $750, which is far more than I anticipated. Needless to say, while the trip was educational, it ended in disappointment for Jenn as we did not get bikes. Perhaps later in the year, or early next year. The wedding and the sprinkler system and the house repainting and all that… too much drain on the budget for bikes right now.

After we got home from the bike hunt, I finally sat down to play some Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, which I got for my birthday but hadn’t cracked it out of the plastic wrap yet because of the whole broken Xbox 360 debacle.

GRAW rocks. It really does. It’s just hard. Super hard. See, I’m used to the first-person shooter like Halo where you just bust in with your machine gun and start blasting away. GRAW requires you to peek around the corner and scout stuff out. If you just run in, you’re going to get killed. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just a different way to play and it takes a little getting used to. On the other hand, it forces you to get more into the game and pay more attention to what’s going on. You can’t barrel around the corner, you actually have to stop and plan your route to the destination because you don’t want to walk through ambush points or anything. Totally sweet.

Anyway, I played that for a couple of hours while Jenn entertained herself putting together the flower girl basket for the wedding. Fine and dandy.

Had some dinner, watched V for Vendetta (decent, but somehow… lacking… maybe I just wasn’t into it at the time), and went to bed a half hour early.

The house painters are here this morning, doing their thing. Technically they’re just painting the trim since I have vinyl siding. Of course, I have to be here, since the front door needs to be painted and I’m not just going to leave the house unlocked all day. Sooooo… working from home.