Mystery of the Tweaked Neck

I had this huge - I mean huge - post about this awesome party Jenn and I went to for our friend Tracy where we all dressed up and solved a murder mystery. I talked about all of my issues getting clothing (it was a formal affair) and things I liked and disliked about the whole thing (net result - I thought it was cool, but folks needed to stay more in character)… but I have these Goddamn “browser buttons” on my keyboard and I bumped one and entirely lost the post. All of it. So I’m not retyping the thing since I don’t have time. Just imagine that you read a reasonably entertaining description of a murder mystery party. Tracy, accept my apologies for a less-than-thorough write-up.

I am currently in the process of disabling those fuckers.

So Saturday night was the party, and it was cool. Jenn looked great, I looked great, and it was hella fun. Even though it was hot like nothing describable. Death heat.

Sunday morning I woke up at 5:45a with this ridiculous tweak in my neck. Some Vicodin and a few Advil only took the edge off. It was horrible. All day long I was totally useless (not that that’s different than most other Sundays) and was tired and headachey. Today I can at least get around, but it does still hurt. Hopefully it’ll be gone by the weekend. I think it was triggered by the rototilling.