Convert Chars to Unicode Hex

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A minor follow-up to my JavaScript and Unicode Character Validation entry (and sort of a reminder to myself):

Sometimes when working with characters in regular expressions it’s nice to be able to dump one or more characters as a line of Unicode hex escape sequences. For example, abc becomes \u0061\u0062\u0063.

Here’s a quick snippet for a console app that will let you input a series of characters and will dump out the list of characters entered as Unicode hex:

using System;
public class DumpHexChars{
  public static void Main(){
    Console.Write("Enter chars to convert to Unicode hex: ");
    string chars = Console.ReadLine();
    string output = "";
    for(int i = 0; i < chars.Length; i++){
      output += String.Format("\\u{0:x4}", Convert.ToInt16(chars[i]));