Cable Phone

Got the cable phone hooked up on Saturday. Decided that we were tired of shelling out to Verizon for what has thus been sub-par service and that we’d go with the ol’ Comcast phone because we’ve always had good luck with their service and it’s actually cheaper for what we end up getting, all told.

While the guy was there he put in three new cable outlets (because not all of the rooms in the house had them… still not all of them have one, but I think there’s only one room that doesn’t that really might need one). That was cool. Plus, due to the new outlets, I can now put the cable modem right down next to the computer and connect directly to the network. Previously I was having to connect through wireless because, well, no cable drop was in the office. I’m movin’ up in the world, people!

Sunday I spent the day playing Paper Mario with Stu, which was hella fun since it’d been a couple of weeks since last we played. Made some good progress there and also tried the Papa John’s “Kong-Sized Pizza,” which was pretty ridiculously giant and filled us up nicely.

I would probably be remiss in not saying that there are a couple of friends of mine that are going through some hard times right now, so time was spent with them during the weekend as well. I won’t say more than that, since it’s not my place, but I hope they’re doing well and will continue to support them as needed.

Less serious: just found the Red Dwarf 8 DVD is coming out soon, and there’s a limited edition with a motorized scutter toy on it. Preordered!