Stomach Bug

Yesterday was the worst. I had planned on getting a whole bunch of stuff done, but what ended up happening was me waking up with this stomach bug. I never get sick, like, ever, and this was horrible. Sweats, aches… gastrointestinal issues… It sucked. A lot.

Jenn had this same thing on Tuesday and I underestimated how crappy it makes you feel because, well, like I said - I don’t really get sick. Holy cow, was I wrong. I think I took well over the recommended daily maximum of darn close to every drug in the house. Slept most of the day. My parents came over for a little bit, but that’s the most that really happened.

Thankfully, it seems like it may have run its course. I’m still kind of achey and tired and I didn’t get much sleep last night… decided to just get up at 4:00a today because sleep wasn’t happening… but I’m not having all of the issues I was having yesterday. That’s not to say I’m going to be running around and such, but hopefully it won’t chew into work tomorrow.

Follow up from Friday - I ended up getting Ticket to Ride Europe at the game store, and it’s pretty fun. Jenn and I played a couple of rounds Friday and had a good time with it. I think my biggest problem right now with board games is that the premises are kind of lame. I mean, building a train route across the country just doesn’t sound like fun when you read it on the back of the box, regardless of whether the play is actually good. I don’t regret picking the game up, and I may well get me a copy of Puerto Rico now that I know the premise isn’t everything… but I’d be stoked to see more fun games that sound cool, too.