Looking Into Board Games

I’ve been up since like 4:00a because I had another stupid headache - this time sinus related - and I took some Excedrin Migraine (probably the only pain reliever that works, though I should look into Excedrin Tension Headache) and it has enough caffeine in it to wake me up. Gets rid of the headache, though - that and some Allegra.

Jenn and I like playing games, and I noticed that we have far too many of the same kind of game. I think we have, seriously, like five different versions of Trivial Pursuit, none of which I’m remotely good at, and we have a bunch of other stuff we thought would be cool, bought, and had it turn out to be kind of lame. So I’m taking a page from my friend (and indirect boss) Chris and I’m going to go more, well, avant garde with my gaming. I took a look at his collection, compared that with some of the ratings I see on BoardGameGeek, and I’m going to make a trip to Rainy Day Games this weekend to pick something good up. Not sure precisely what yet, but I’m leaning toward Puerto Rico or Ticket to Ride Europe.

We’re going to get Comcast phone on April 8, too. My parents have it, as does Stu, and everyone seems to dig it. They’ll put in some needed cable outlets while they’re there so we’ll finally have TV in all the rooms in the house. Looking forward to that.

No plans really for the weekend. Hopefully nothing that costs money (other than the trip to the game store) will come up. I ended up buying a new printer - HP DeskJet 5940 - this week (time for an upgrade) and I think that was my mad money for the time being. (Got it for a steal, though - $60, marked down from $90. Can’t beat that! Stu took advantage of that, too.)