155 Trick-or-Treaters

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I decided to keep a tally this year of how many trick-or-treaters showed up to the house this year. Between 6:00p (when I got home and started serving) and 8:00p (when the frequency of arrivals slowed enough to warrant shutting down) we had 155 kids.

Of course, probably 15 of those were probably old enough to be tried as adults for any crime by a jury of their peers (hint: high school means no more trick-or-treating), so let’s use quotes around “kids.”

One kid was pretty lippy, too. Probably nine years old or so, he shows up and I answer the door in my Wonka costume. I hand out the candy and just before leaving, he strikes up conversation:

Kid: Who are you supposed to be? Me: Willy Wonka. Kid: I hate that guy. He’s queer. [Kid exits stage left.]

Give me back that candy, you prepubescent asshole.

Aside from that, all went well. I realize now that the tally would have been much more interesting had I charted the number of kids who showed up both by general age group and time so I could see the trends from year to year, but maybe that’s just overengineering the thing.

We didn’t run out of candy this year, which was good (we did last year). We did go through about six pounds, though. Jenn’s going to take the remains to work so we don’t pig on it at home.