Halloween 2005

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[Wonka - click for the full
viewFolks have wanted to see what my Wonka costume turned out like, so here’s a photo. It turned out pretty well, I think, though the wig and gloves made me super hot (like, the heat was darn close to stifling) and it was sort of a pain to get into and out of - not so great at a party.

[Stu as Bo Peep - click for the full
viewStu went as Bo Peep, and that turned out pretty well. I think the hairy-legs-under-tights is what makes it. Shaved chest, hairy legs. Right on, brotha.

Jenn and Tif looked great in their costumes as well (too bad they don’t wear those more often… :) ).

Saturday night was Jason and Tracy’s yearly party, which is the shindig to end all shindigs and is looked forward to every year. (It just happened two days ago, and I’m already stoked for next year.) We played our new favorite game - shot checkers (get jumped, take a shot) - and took all Sunday to recover. Great party, though, and I even won best costume.

Today at work is sort of a rinse since everyone wants to come by and see the costume so interruptions are frequent. I got $25 at Barnes & Noble for “coolest costume” at our company contest, which is sweet. Stu got “most original” and got a gift card to a restaurant. Can’t beat that!

We shall see what next year has in store. I’d like to get some sort of group costume going, but I’m not sure what we’d all be that folks would recognize.