Appointment Time Warp

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning for this little dry patch I have on my hand. (Don’t worry, it’s not fungus or anything, it’s just a dry patch.) Anyway, I called in yesterday and had my choice of either seeing the doctor locally (about 10 minutes from my house) or downtown (45 minutes in rush hour traffic). Well… that call went like this:

Travis: I need to make an appointment. Receptionist: We have… second week of August open. T: Nothing sooner? R: Downtown we’ve got one Friday. T: Tomorrow? R: Yeah, I guess tomorrow is Friday, huh? 9:30 in the morning. T: Wow, that’s great. Yeah, tomorrow morning at 9:30. R: Okay, the office is at… [And she proceeds to give me directions…

I got to the doctor’s office today - through rush hour traffic, mind you - and it turns out my appointment is not today, it’s next Friday.

That’s… that’s great. I’m pretty sure I confirmed it as today.

Faced the rush hour traffic back the other way, nothing accomplished, and two and a half hours later in to work than what I normally am.

Can’t say I’m having a great day today.

Also found out that the thing I’ve been working pretty hard on for the last day - trying to shoehorn some very custom code into a generic application - isn’t really required so much as nice to have. One of those “we just wanted to see if we could squeeze that in” things.

That, too, is great. If I can go ahead and spin my wheels some more, it’d be much appreciated. While you’re at it, just kick me in the jimmy. Again! Harder!