Tim Minear Is Vastly Unappreciated

I really have to stop watching shows by Tim Minear.

The problem is, he always seems to be involved with shows I love. He worked on Lois and Clark, Angel, Wonderfalls

The characters are great - you care what happens to them, they’re interesting. The plots are interesting and not only reward the passing viewer but also the long-time devotee.

Networks, particularly Fox, seem to hate that sort of thing. Actual characters that the audience cares about? Pish tosh! We don’t need that when we can make yet another reality series!

I’ve recently become addicted to The Inside, a show about FBI crime profilers. It’s cool, and the only other crime drama I watch besides CSI. I’d wager I like it just as much as CSI, and in some instances I might even say I like it more.

Of course, Fox isn’t renewing The Inside, it seems, and may not even be airing all of the episodes. Once again, a show I really get into, down the tube. Fox really needs to figure itself out.

It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t into Firefly when it was on. I’d be more pissed still. Thankfully, I can still pick it up on DVD and check out what I missed and be retroactively irritated that it, too, was cancelled.