Chicken Finger Vindaloo

Recipe for Chicken Finger
VindalooNightly Jenn and I have a debate about “what sounds good for dinner.” We have plenty of food at home, but generally speaking it’s mostly frozen and we don’t get around to actually thawing anything in time for dinner in the evening. If we were smart, we’d take stuff out of the freezer the night before (presumably while determining dinner for the present evening), but we’re not, so we don’t.

The other problem we end up with is that Jenn and I like about 75% of the same stuff, but have widely differing taste on the remaining 25%. I like spicy food (not like “I’m going to die if I eat any more,” but not “Mmmm this is flavorless,” either); Jenn likes stuff more mild.

Last night found us in our usual quandary: nothing thawed and no ideas for dinner. We found some chicken fingers in the freezer that needed to be eaten, but neither of us could figure out what to do with breaded, shaped chicken nuggets. Jenn wanted comfort food - chicken nuggets with macaroni and cheese.

I decided this would be a perfect time to bust out the vindaloo curry paste I bought a while ago but never get to eat because Jenn’s such a pussy.

While she made her cheesy pasta concoction, I chopped up part of an onion, got some rice going, and came up with a new item on the menu: Chicken Finger Vindaloo.

Now, it sounds bad. (Actually, it sounds really bad.) But it was actually pretty tasty. Which just goes to show that you can cook damn near anything in vindaloo and it’ll end up tasting good. Patak’s Vindaloo Curry Paste: go get some, and cook yourself up some Chicken Finger Vindaloo tonight.