TV Communication Breakdown

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I sent a letter to the TV repair company and National Electronics Warranty (NEW) because it has been so long since I heard about who’s fixing my TV or what’s happening there. I sent that letter on Thursday of last week, March 4. The TV repair company responded and said they’d continue pinging NEW for approval on the repair, but NEW wasn’t responsive.

It’s almost a week later and I still haven’t heard from NEW, so I called them. According to them, there was some sort of communication breakdown between them and the TV repair company where NEW was waiting for additional information from the TV repair folks, but the TV repair people were waiting for authorization from NEW. No one was talking to anyone.

While I was on hold, the guy at NEW called the TV repair people and got things straightened out. Now they want an additional three to five business days to go through approval. Because it hasn’t already been through that?

Anyway, now they’re going to figure out whether to replace the tube or just get me a new TV altogether.

This crap irritates me. Someone should be on top of this stuff. Unbelieveable. I guess we’ll see what happens next week when their time is up.