Tenacious D

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Jack Black can’t write.

I borrowed a couple of episodes of Tenacious D from a friend of mine to watch. He was telling me that it was hysterical. I was excited to check them out.

Hoo boy.

See, I love Jack Black. I think he’s hilarious in stuff I’ve seen him in. But this just wasn’t funny, and I can chalk it up to one of two things: Either he’s one of those people who is either “hot or not” (and I got two “not” episodes) or Jack Black can’t write.

The key here is that when I’ve seen him being funny, it’s him acting out someone else’s writing. The Tenacious D stuff is his. And it’s not funny. Or maybe I just “don’t get it.” There were a couple of funny parts, but by and large… well, let’s say I’m not going to run out and rent the DVDs any time soon.