Oil Can Headlights

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I completed my headlight quest yesterday and as a final step took the newly purchased bulb to the local Oil Can Henry’s to get it put into the car. They did it last time, too, and cost me $10 for the job. I figure, it’s $10 worth of headache they’re saving me, and it’s worth every penny.

They serviced the car right there in the parking lot - I didn’t even have to drive into the garage. That said, it did take about half an hour to finish. (Which I expected; it’s a real pain to get into my headlights. You have to take, like, half the engine out to get there.)

When all was said and done, the guy went in to run my debit card and came back, saying all of the registers were being used and to just forget it - it was on the house. He just said, “Come in for your next oil change, eh?”

I actually felt bad - the guy had worked his ass off for that $10 and he didn’t even take it. He just wanted the repeat business for later.

That’s customer service. Sort of the way Les Schwab will fix flat tires for free. I’ll definitely be hitting Oil Can Henry’s in the future, and if you get the opportunity, I recommend it (at least, the one in Tanasbourne, Hillsboro, OR). They’re good people.