$110 Lunch

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I found last night that I had my driver’s side low-beam headlight out, so I figured I’d head over to Oil Can Henry’s to get that replaced during lunch today. Figure you gotta remove half the engine to get to the damn headlight socket, it’s worth the $20 parts and labor to replace the lamp.

I called ‘em up this morning to make sure they did that service (they do) and to verify they had the kind of bulb my car takes (they did).

Got there at lunch and they do replace headlights, but they didn’t have the right kind of bulb.

Made a quick trip to the auto parts store and got a pair (you’re supposed to replace headlights in pairs) of the only kind they carried that would fit my car. Of course, they only had the top of the line $25/bulb kind, so that’s $50 I’ll never see again.

On the way back, stopped at GameCrazy and got my fix for next week. $50 more, but better spent.

Took the bulbs back to Oil Can Henry’s and it took four guys to install them. The part where they had me turn on my lights to check the installation, asked me to “make sure my lights were on,” then started laughing when I confirmed the lights were all the way on… that didn’t raise my confidence. But when all was said and done, it only cost me $10 to get both changed, so I can’t complain much about that.

All told, that’s $110 I blew at lunch. Damn. And people tell me that my house is a money sink.