Less Angry Today

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Okay, so, like, I was a little harsh yesterday, maybe. Not that I’m recanting my opinion of general incompetence, but I do have to give props to one of the guys in the namespace meeting yesterday who finally came around and saw the importance of this and arrived at a solution equitable for all parties (you know who you are).

Anyway, I cranked up the tunes, stewed about it for several hours, slept on it, woke up still pissed, and now I’m back at work, still feeling a little feisty but not nearly as belligerent as yesterday.

Not that it’s really an excuse, but I just don’t take to being set up for failure too well. I continue to maintain that anyone can code; if you want it done right, in a quality fashion, that’s when you call me in. I won’t sacrifice quality, folks. It’s against every fiber of my being. We will get into it if the removal of quality from the project is a goal (even if it’s not explicitly stated - by providing conflicting requirements and continually accelerating the development process to an arbitrary, too-soon date, that’s what you’re asking for: low quality). Not an option. Not on my watch.