Fixed Broken Links

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I think, after having moved hosts twice and blog packages once, I’ve finally finished fixing all the broken links and images floating around here. As such, if you haven’t had a chance to really catch up on some of the better entries, I can’t more highly recommend that you start at the beginning and check it out. I’ve had a good time reviewing a few of these, but maybe that’s more from the sense of a comedian laughing at his own jokes (which I would do, were I a comedian).

I also noticed while going through the past posts that I used to do a lot more in the way of getting pictures up here, so I think I’l make a concerted effort at thinking about doing that again. Now that I don’t have a commute, I don’t really see Traffic Assholes as much. That said, it might be good to take pictures of other random stuff I’m talking about, just to help you guys out.