Dinner Theatre

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After a long day of pressure washing my house, Jenn and I took the evening and went to Sylvia’s for dinner and a show.

I had never been to a dinner theatre before, so it was an interesting experience. I’ve been to stage productions of all types - from grade school productions to Broadway (well, Broadway productions that come touring, at least) - so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Dinner was served about 6:30p. Jenn and I both opted for the pork loin medallions in apple bourbon sauce, given a fixed menu and the other two options not looking to our liking. We started with a drink each, followed by a salad. Neither Jenn nor I are real salad-eaters, and neither of us had eaten much that day, so while the salads were being served, we gorged ourselves on the bread on the table.

When the salads arrived, we each tried to eat them (Jenn did a better job than I did) but we weren’t too successful. Jenn actually started feeling a little ill, almost as though the bread and alcohol in her stomach were combating the health factors of the salad, Adam Sandler style.

Salad: I will make you strong and healthy! Bread and Alcohol: Fuck that, Salad! We’re gonna beat you down!

Dinner arrived and it was okay. I wouldn’t say this is the best restaurant in the entire world or anything, but I was there more for the entertainment than the food.

Speaking of entertainment, I started looking around at the people attending. Now, I don’t mean to get all bourgeois on you, but this was definitely a proletariat crowd hanging out. I understand flip-flops are (for some unknown reason) “in” lately, but with jeans, a button up shirt, and a blazer? Tack-ay! Put some shoes on, for God’s sake. Where’s your mother?

We finished up dinner, and dessert was a poppy seed cake with raspberry frosting. Tasty! Jenn was feeling ill, but in a Homer Simpson moment decided she wasn’t ill enough to not eat dessert. “Oh, man, Trav, I’m not feeling so good… my stomach is rumbling and- OOOO! CAKE!”

After dessert was cleared, the show started (around 8:30p or so). The show we saw was called Monky Business, a musical about some monks trying to save their monastery from being torn down by having a radio telethon. It was really clever and well played. I liked it a lot.

All in all, a good experience. I’d recommend you check it out. I think Jenn and I will try to make it again for the next show (they do four different shows each year).