Once Again, The Praises Of Progressive

I have my car insurance through Progressive, which, all lame TV commercials aside, has meant excellent service and the best prices around. Not to mention their web site is exceptionally comprehensive and simple to use - I can’t ask for much more.

My homeowner’s insurance company, State Farm, called me up today and wanted to see if they could save me some money on my auto insurance. So I went through the gamut of questions, told them all of my driving history and such, at least according to what Progressive looks at, and gave them my coverage numbers so they could give me an apples-to-apples comparison.

With all of the discounts and such for multi-policy and safe driver and all that, State Farm was still $600/year more expensive than Progressive.

Once again, I sing the praises of Progressive auto insurance. If your policy is coming up, I couldn’t recommend more that you check them out. It will be well worth your time.