Another Moving Day

Saturday, for me, was pretty much a bust of sorts. I ended up getting a U-Haul truck and driving around town, picking up the last of our crap from the old apartment, turning in the keys, getting the stuff from our storage unit and closing that account, dropping stuff off for the garage sale my parents are having this weekend, picking stuff up, delivering stuff to my aunt’s house, and then returning home to unpack.

I acquired my parents’ lawn implements since they’ll be moving into a condo and won’t have yardwork. I also got a bunch of crap from the storage unit moved into the house, though I’m not sure what I’m doing with it all so, uh… I guess I’ll store it. Somewhere. I’ll have to put in some flooring of some nature in the “attic” storage area; right now, if you throw anything in there it just sits in the fluffy fiberglass insulation. Needless to say, there’s nothing in there.

That basically ended up meaning “two steps forward, one step back” in the unpacking process, and that sucks.

I’m still trying to get my address changed with everywhere I have accounts, but I’m sure I’ve missed a few. I’ll keep at it.

While we were getting the last of the stuff from the apartment, Jenn parked in our old parking spot under the carport. As we were leaving, she cut it a little too sharp and smashed up her driver’s side fender. It sounded like someone smashing a beer can on their head or something. I was in the U-Haul truck and looked up just in time to watch it happen. Not so good. She’s going to go get that fixed this week, I believe. Love the Chris and John’s.

At work they overhauled the cafeteria. It’s pretty cool; they’ve updated it to have a larger food selection, a more social-friendly atmosphere, and faster checkout. I like it and think the facilities guy, Dave, did a great job setting that up. I’m thinking of heading down there to eat in a minute. I was down there this morning to get a Frappuccino® but it turns out they won’t actually be blending them until this summer; until then, it’s still the bottled version which is not nearly as good.

I got this new Nokia 3560 phone. It’s pretty cool and I want to make some new ring tones for it - the polyphonic kind. Anyone know how to do that? I want to make my own, not pay for any downloads or anything.