Cable Fixed

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The cable guy (the same guy who installed it, Scotty) showed up this morning around 9:15a and swapped out my cable box. He didn’t hear the crackle in the audio (Jenn did, though, as did I) but the swapping of the cable box fixed it.

Apparently Comcast distributes calls among the 60 or so installers in the area such that you aren’t supposed to get the same installer twice in a row (just in case you had a problem with the installer last time he/she was there). So it’s odd that I got Scotty again, but I’m glad I did because he’s a really cool guy. Like someone you could hang out and shoot pool with.

I asked him about how to wire speakers up into an exterior wall and he laughed. Apparently that’s nigh unto impossible, so I will probably be investing in some speaker stands in the reasonably near future so I can get that hooked up.

I unpacked a bunch of stuff this morning, but I think I’m getting stressed out. I’m not sure it’s over any particular thing, just generally stressed. I started feeling lightheaded and seeing spots, so I sat down for a bit. I’ve had that before and when I went to the doctor he said it was sort of like a stress-related anxiety attack. I think it’s probably the move and the unpacking and my job all rolled up into one big stress case.

At least the cable’s fixed.