Ready For Inspection

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My house inspection is at 1:00p today, so I’ll be leaving pretty soon to go do that. I guess it’ll take about three hours, though I’m not sure what I’m going to do during that time. The inspector’s going to run around and do his whole “inspection thing…” I’m assuming I don’t need to do anything unless there’s a problem.

Either way, I’ll try to get some photos while I’m there so I can post ‘em for you guys.

Jenn and I are preparing for the move. With the movers scheduled, we’ve got to get the boxes and start packing. Jenn picked some up this morning so I can tell you how the weekend’s going to go.

Not only that, but I’m not going to have to disassemble and reassemble the home theater system, the arrangement of which is a tricky and ever-changing process. To that end, I’ve created a Visio diagram of my home theater system complete with all of the connectors and wires that I’ll have to have.

Right now, my speaker wires are all over the place, running along the walls and ceiling because I don’t have the ability to actually wire them into the walls. I’ll be doing the wiring the right way in the new place, so I’ve gotta plan for that. I ordered some connectors and adapters from Bose today to accommodate the Acoustimass 6 system I’m running (they have oddly shaped RCA connectors) and those should be coming in a couple of weeks.

I also want to get rid of these generally crappy cables I have and get some high-end cables that are better quality and more easily managed. I don’t think that’ll happen right off, but it’ll be something to shoot for.