Random Morning

It’s a beautiful morning out there, so I snapped a shot of the sunrise as I see it on my way to work (I head west in the morning).


So, um, this is going to be sort of a mishmash of thoughts, potentially stream of consciousness level stuff. You’ve been warned.

Coming home last night, I drove past this guy panhandling at the end of an off-ramp.


I hate that shit. You know, I do feel bad for people who can’t make ends meet and all that, but come on now - leave me alone. I’m not going to give you any beer money, man. Particularly not in the middle of rush hour traffic. I donate to the local soup kitchen; my tax dollars go to facilities to help people like you… use the proper channels. Harrassing me on my way home is not the way to go.

Oh, and when the brand new Suburban picked up another guy off the corner and dropped you off, like you’re all rotating panhandling positions? Yeah, I saw that, friend. Kind of sours my attitude.

Went to Mervyn’s a couple of weeks back and saw these little handbags that looked like bustiers. There was a black velvet one that I thought would go good with some decor we have in the dining room, but I figured there were three of them on the rack so I’d go home and think about it.

Came back two days later and they were all gone.

I’ve been trying to find that one ever since. Unfortunately, Mervyn’s is one of those stores that doesn’t know when the next shipment is coming in or what it’s going to contain, so I have to keep calling back every few days, which I’m quickly tiring of.

After four days of not calling, I called again yesterday and they described a couple of the styles they had in. Nothing I’d seen before, so I went with Jenn and checked them out. Jenn ended up getting a little pink one with roses on it (to carry around):

Jenn's new

And I got a gold Asian silk one with frog closures on the front that will go well with some stuff in the living room (I don’t have a picture of that). I’m still looking for the black one, but not as avidly. I checked eBay and they have several interesting styles, but not the one I saw before. Bah. I should know better; if I see something I like, I have to buy it on the spot or I miss my opportunity. Always happens.