An End To Suspense

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Here’s my day, play by play.

9:38a - Ann (mortgage broker) called. I gave her the details on the house I made an offer on so that she can issue the loan approval letter to Gregory (my realtor). She didn’t have Gregory’s contact info so I gave her that, too.

10:17a - Gregory called. He was pretty upset and said Ann wasn’t cooperating with him and wouldn’t give him a letter of approval for my loan. Having just talked to Ann, I double-checked this with him and told him she didn’t have his phone number so wasn’t able to get in touch with him. He said he’d call her to close the loop.

10:38a - Gregory called. He talked to Ann and now realizes he’s worked on a deal with her before a year or so ago and she’s a great broker. It was all just a miscommunication (or lack of communication, more accurately) and everything’s cool. She said she’d get him the letter of approval in about 15 minutes.

10:50a - Gregory called. He talked to the listing realtor and the two offers are neck and neck, like, within a couple hundred dollars of each other. One key difference that Gregory thinks may make the difference is that our offer allows the seller to stay in the house a week after closing free of rent (though she has responsibility for utilities and taxes) so she can get herself moved out; the other offer doesn’t have that. I told Gregory to let them know that we could stand to let them keep the refrigerator if that would be a deal breaker (my offer asked for the fridge). He said we might want to bump up the price by $1000 or so but I didn’t do it. I already bumped up my offer price a little over list; much more and I’d be outside my budget again.

11:41a - Ann called. The listing agent called her to confirm my vital stats. She told him (without being specific, because she can’t reveal specifics) that I had good credit and a steady job, both big plusses. She also confirmed to the listing agent that the money to close is sitting in the bank (which is true). All good impressions.

12:20p - I’m anxious. They met at noon and it’s 20 after… what’s the hold-up?

1:15p - I’m having difficulty concentrating. I still haven’t heard anything. Jenn sent me an email expressing the same frustration.

2:00p - WE’RE IN!!! I’ve gotta go to Gregory’s office at 3:30p to sign papers. I’ll need to have a check to Gregory on Monday with my earnest money. Finally, an end to the search. Now to arrange the house inspector, call the moving company, talk to the insurance agent…