ViewCVS on Windows 2003 Server

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I spent at least half a day trying to get ViewCVS set up on a Windows 2003 server running CVSNT so I could browse my code repositories. What a pain! When browsing folders in my repositories, I kept seeing errors like “There are X files, but none match the current selection criteria.”

I searched all over and saw that other people had similar problems, but the most anyone would ever say was “it’s either an RCS problem or a permissions issue.” Uh huh.

So I contacted our CVS guy (one of our CVS guys) to see how they had set it up in the product department. The guy I talked to didn’t set it up, but he pointed me to this ViewCVS Setup on Windows with CVSNT 2.0.x and IIS or Apache program.

Oh. Hell. Yes.

It even gets enscript and CVSGraph installed correctly. So painless, so easy. Just like it should be. Anyone using CVSNT who wants to put up ViewCVS should check this out.