More To Look At

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I’ve finally received a new batch of 34 properties to look at from my realtor. Based on location and features, I’ve narrowed it down to 8, and that includes the two that Jenn and I already agreed we wanted to see. We may narrow it down further; I’ve let a couple slide through that are slightly farther south than what we want, but they’re in brand new neighborhoods, so we’ll see. I know I may be opening myself up for something bad neighborhood-wise, which is not going to fly.

We’ll look at those online tonight and then tomorrow when we see the realtor we’ll tell him which ones we’re interested in. I don’t want to spend all damn day driving around willy-nilly - I’m very much a get-in-get-out sort of person.

I’ll have to remember to measure the TV so we can see where it might go in some of these places.