FedEx Cruiser

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On my way to work today, I was passed by a FedEx truck that was moving like something on the Autobahn. The guy was weaving in and out of rush hour traffic like an expert race car driver and passed by like the rest of traffic was standing still.

I was utterly impressed. It makes me want to ship something FedEx. For what it’s worth, the guy was driving an Overnight Delivery truck. I kind of wonder if he personally drove the packages across the country for their next day deliveries. At a speed like that, I could believe it.

(All you people wondering how Santa can deliver billions of presents in one night - he gets that FedEx guy to drive.)

I’ve got a very slight cold and went to bed last night after a healthy dose of DayQuil (we didn’t have any NyQuil). I slept better last night than I’ve slept in, like, a month. Love it.

Of course, I’m dead tired this morning.

I went and traded in my previously viewed copy of Bad Boys II at the Hollywood Video store I bought it at a couple of days ago because DVD X Rescue couldn’t make heads or tails of it. I’m running a test on the new copy I got now - it’s already gotten farther than the last copy.

Can anyone tell me why ginger ale is always so expensive at the store? Every other 2-liter product on the market can be on sale for $1, but the ginger ale is always like $2.50. Why is that? Is the demand so high that it never needs to go on sale? Bah.