Fat, Fat, Fat

personal comments edit

There’s an interesting article in the Willamette Week local newspaper conjecturing on why Oregonians are so fat. I’ve actually wondered that myself - why aren’t I motivated to do something about these ridiculous “love handles” or the gut that continually generates the need for newer, larger pants?

Of all of the ideas they bring up, I think the weather is probably the most accurate reason we’re fat… at least, that’s how it is for me. Who wants to go riding your bike in the drizzle? Who wants to do anything when it’s pouring down outside? With an average of only 68 non-rain days per year, it’s no wonder.

They also mention that fatty foods are much more affordable than healthy foods. I’ll agree with that, too. I was just mentioning the other day that it’d be nice if you could go up to McDonald’s or something and get a healthy meal for $3 instead of filling up on deep fried fat.

Maybe I should move somewhere sunny. I wonder if I’d be more motivated to exercise. Then again, I also wonder if I’m just inherently lazy and should accept that for what it is.