You Can't Change Lanes In An Intersection

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I tried to get a picture of this asswipe, but it was too dark out.

I think I was just about killed today on my way in to work. Everything was going swimmingly when I pulled up to the stoplight at SW 4th and Caruthers. I was the third car in line. When the light turned green I started moving through the intersection, and when I was just about through it, this asshole in a silver Volkswagen cuts right in front of me, not only changing lanes in an intersection without signaling, but trying to fit a full car in a half car’s length. I slammed on the brakes and the horn, swerving to avoid getting my front passenger fender taken clean off and the guy (I assume it was a guy, but I couldn’t see) continued without even noticing. He (she/it/whatever) came close to running me head-on into a concrete dividing wall.

Like I said, after recovering from this feat of ridiculousness, I caught up with the car but wasn’t able to get a picture because it was too dark. His/her license plate was ZPR 448, though. Normally I wouldn’t post something like that, but when you’re as reckless as that, you deserve it.

Sometimes I wish I was an undercover cop so I could pull these assholes over. I mean, seriously, folks, if you can’t think ahead enough to know you need to be in a particular lane, at least wait until someone lets you in. Accept the consequences of your stupidity if no one does and get on somewhere else. Next time, maybe you’ll remember to get in line like everyone else.