Rubberneckers Clog Up The Works

traffic comments edit

It’s been a while since we had a Traffic Asshole, so I got one for you today.

I hate traffic accidents. They fuck up traffic for everyone, regardless of which direction you’re traveling or where they are in relation to you. Why is that? The answer is simple - Rubberneckers.

Yes, it’s the people who need to slow down and check out what’s going on that end up clogging up the roads like so much shit in the drain. I wish I had a plunger big enough to take care of the problem, but I don’t. My blog is my plunger.

Let’s let the image speak for itself, shall we?


As you can see, we’ve got an accident on the opposite side of the road, in the oncoming traffic. We’re separated from the oncoming traffic by a concrete barrier in the center of the road. This same barrier pretty much obstructs any decent view one might get of anything over there, but that doesn’t deter the myriad rubberneckers (particularly the guy immediately in front of me) from coming to a near complete stop just to check out what’s going on, then flooring it to close the 500 meter gap between him and the car in front of him. Nothing wrong with my side of the road, just people slowing down to watch the flashing lights.

Absolutely ridiculous.

(That said, the poor quality of the image just goes to show you how badly I need a better digital camera. I think we could all commiserate on our traffic woes better in a higher resolution, don’t you?)