Doing Much Better Now

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I still have a lot to do on pMachine, including fixing the categories on all of the articles that I’ve previously posted, but there are like 400 or something and that’s going to take a bit. I’ll get there.

I’m also considering just going forward with things and allowing the past articles and entries to just wither and die like so much detritus. But that’s my history, and I should probably make it somehow viewable, if for anything but retrospection. What a pain in the ass.

Speaking of pains in the ass, I went to the doctor yesterday and got the “Dr. Jellyfinger” treatment. I told him it was just like being at work, but in the doctor’s office, I was getting paid more. The doctor thought that was pretty funny. That’s the first time I’ve gotten that, and I have to say that, 100% conclusively, there is no way I could ever be gay.

Tried a “Peppermint Mocha” Frappuccino today. That was pretty good. I may have to change my usual order. I even got sprinkles.

I’m in the process of copying my CD collection into 256kbps AAC format, and so far it’s going well, but I’m not too far into it. I have like 700 CDs, and after a week of this, I’m only into the letter “C”. I need to have like this CD jukebox where I can load everything in all at the same time and just have it rip all of the CDs simultaneously.