TCB, Baby

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That’s me - takin’ care of business.

Last night I worked for an hour or two on my Halloween costume and got it quite a bit further along. Hopefully I’ll be able to nearly finish tonight. There are a couple of alterations I want to make to the pattern (like putting in buttons or snaps instead of velcro for closure) which I have to figure out when I get it closer to complete. But that makes me happy - getting something done there.

I also watched the 1969 version of The Italian Job, which was pretty good. I had never seen it before, and now some of the choices they make in the recent incarnation make more sense. There are lots of behind the scenes things on that disc I need to check out.

I ordered a new computer today. P4 2.66GHz, 40GB HDD, 1GB RAM, nVidia GeForce4 MX 440 video card, DVD-ROM, Windows XP Pro, IBM ThinkCentre M50. All for $971, plus $10 shipping, which I can’t complain too much about. I’ve been meaning to upgrade for quite some time now, so I seized the opportunity. That should be here in a couple of weeks.

I worked some more on my new pMachine blog and I think it’s just about ready for prime-time. I hate putting things out there that are “almost done,” but I think it’s just about time to move on from GreyMatter and upgrade to a more complete blogging system. Better for you guys, too. I’m going to have to import all of my entries from GreyMatter to pMachine, which is going to be a bitch, but we’ll get there. Maybe this weekend if I take the time.

Or maybe I’ll be playing Time Crisis 2 instead.