Traffic Asshole Two-Fer

traffic comments edit

I have a two-in-one traffic asshole for you today.

On Tuesday of last week, I was coming home and I noticed that my usual exit to get home there was quite the backup. Turns out there was a car parked diagonally across the right-hand lane of the two-lane exit.

Blocking the right lane (10k

Normally I might feel bad for the guy whose car this was, since a broken down car is not fun. But then I thought, “You know, a nice person might have rolled the car around the corner into the emergency lane so nobody would be blocked.” That, coupled with the fact that the exit was backed up for like a mile, made me much less sympathetic.

Okay, so that was Tuesday. I took a picture in case nothing better (or more frustrating) came along. But something did.

Friday as I was coming home I noticed that my exit was backed up again! What could it be this time?

Blocking the left lane (6k

Oh, look, there’s a bus blocking the left lane. Not even a full bus, either - one of those retard busses that only show up if you schedule them. ARGH! I ended up having to pass my exit, get off at the next one, and then come back on side streets. The backup was so far back I couldn’t even get in line.

Clogging up my exit has become quite the epidemic here. It’s a good thing I’m not armed.