Back In The Office

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I’m back in the office today after working from home yesterday. I’m taking the day today to build up my new desktop (biggerbetterfasterstronger) and clean up some of the stuff that’s gotten left behind due to other projects.

I’m still working on that demo project (and will be for the next five weeks) and the more I work on it and see their requirements the more irritated I get. First, they’ve not allocated enough time to get done what we need to get done. Second, they’ve specified that, basically, we can’t use a database server to store the data - it has to all be in static files. Third, they want it so that Joe Schmoe can just grab it, install it, and run it.


The thing I’m really irritated with is that they don’t understand what truly needs to go into this thing. Just because it’s a demo doesn’t mean it’s not a fully robust application like our actual product.

Hey - shouldn’t a product demo be a demo of your actual product? One would think, right? Apparently not.

Anyway, they want this thing to be this silver bullet for all things demo - magic wizard interfaces that configure the thing, ultimate customization for the front end… last I checked, our product doesn’t provide that sort of thing. What makes them think we can do it for the demo?

Ah, the executive mindset. If only I had the same opportunity to wear blinders all day long and not employ any creative problem solving skills.

I’ve processed all of the Enchanted Forest trip pictures and as soon as I get an account on the gallery that’s set up on this server, I’ll post them along with commentary.