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I’m working at home today because of the delivery of my new dining room set (a bar-height bistro table and two stools) which occurred a short while ago.

I find that, while it’s nice to be in a comfortable environment and get things done, there are too many things around here that I’d rather be doing, so it becomes difficult to concentrate at times. The cats demand attention, my Halloween costume needs to get done, things need to be cleaned…

Anyway, the long and the short of it is, there’s merit to working in the office, since there aren’t all of the other things to do. You either work… or work. Plus, working at home, I could get my schedule too screwed around. I’d be working at all different hours, some days I’d skip it, some days I’d live at the computer… who knows how consistent I’d be?

I think if I did work from home, I’d have to have, like, a home office or something, somewhere that implies “work” and not “other things to do.” Then maybe.

Of course, I need a house first… which isn’t happening on the current paycheck.

Re: my new table, I’m liking it quite a bit. It looks really good. It sits high (which I like), but that means it’s also closer to this stupid ceiling fan we’ve got in the dining room (which I don’t like), so, since you’re closer to the lights, you’re hella hotter. I’ve unscrwed a couple of the bulbs so it’s not as hot, but now it’s sorta dark. Argh! Can’t win for losing.

Jenn’s started us on Atkins today, so it’s low-carb living for a while. I guess we’ll see how that goes. I know I could stand to lose the gut.