personal comments edit

My dining room table is in at the shipper’s warehouse, but they only deliver between like 10 and 4, so I’ve got a two-hour window in which I need to be at home tomorrow so they can bring me my goods. I told my boss that and he said I should just work from home tomorrow, so I think that’s what I’m going to do. I haven’t really done too much work from home before, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure that the trade-offs will quickly appear; while some distractions won’t exist (phones, other people), others will rear their ugly (or, in some cases, cute) heads (my bad cats).

Regardless, I should have a table by 4:00p tomorrow, which will be sort of nice and sort of not. I was enjoying the fact that my apartment looks ten times bigger when there’s no table, but I’m kind of tired of sitting on the floor when I need to do any sort of writing or whatever.

I still need to post the Enchanted Forest pix, but I have downloaded them off my camera and they’re almost ready to go. You can really see the shortcomings of my shitty little camera in them - bad lighting, nothing is centered in the frame - but I guess they’re better than nothing.

I also need to do some more work on my pMachine implementation. The home page is pretty much done, but the entry pages haven’t even been started yet, and there’s definitely some fine-tuning to be had. It looks good, though, and I can’t wait to move over. It offers so much more functionality. You guys will love it.