Busy As Hell

personal comments edit

I totally lost sleep over this stupid demo thing I’m supposed to be doing for work so I came in this morning and was like, “Look - I’m good, but I’m not a magician. You guys want help? Fine. You want me to do like 700 pages of work in five weeks of half-time work? I don’t think so. Not really what I signed up for.”

Besides which, I don’t get paid nearly enough to be putting in 80 hour weeks for this shit.

So I’m stressed, and probably vastly undercaffeinated, and I think maybe I need a job that doesn’t involve computers. Maybe something like costume design or sculpting.

I went to Enchanted Forest this weekend with Jenn’s gaggle of girls. I took pictures, and when I get a chance I’ll tell you all about the trip and post the photos in the gallery.

I also went to see The Rundown this weekend and loved it. Again, if/when I get a chance, I’ll post a review and let you know how you need to just go see it right now.

Oh, and I went to the fabric store to get some fusible interfacing for my costume and came to the conclusion that, if I’m ever single again, the fabric store is a great place to find hot single chicks.