Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! GameBoy Advance SP is in Da Hizzouuuuuuuse!

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GBA SP - And it's
MINE!Got the call last night about 4:45p that my GBA SP was waiting for me at the local GameSpot. Picked that bitch up by 5:30p. Plugged it in, it was charged and set to go by 9:30p (the first time you charge the battery it takes a little longer).


It is everything I hoped it to be.

I’m now afraid I may be cheating on my Playstation 2 a little bit. This little baby is just super. It’s light, it has an ultra-clear screen on it… the beauty of portable gaming is without bounds.

I bought, at the same time, a copy of Yoshi’s Island, a Super Mario game with a sort of hand-drawn feel to it. It’s really cool looking. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it, but I think as soon as I finish up here, I’m going to take a little of my lunch break and bust it out.

E-Reader Attached to GBA
SPI also went to Toys R Us and bought the Nintendo e-Reader. I highlighted it, attached to my GBA, in the picture, so you can see how it works. It plugs into the cartridge slot for the GBA and has an optical reader on it. You get cards, sort of like baseball trading cards, with this ultra-fine “dot code” on the edges that this thing reads and then lets you play games. It came with Donkey Kong Jr. on a series of five cards. The reader is the only real expense; the game cards only cost like $5 a set. SWEET!

Anyway, loving it. Now I may have to get a GameCube in order to connect the two. I guess you can unlock stuff between the two when they’re connected. Brilliance.