Secret Love Affair

I realized while on vacation - er, training - last week that I am having an affair behind Jenn’s back.

It’s true, and I’m coming clean about it right now.

I have a love affair with my Playstation 2. It’s an odd relationship where I am both its sugar daddy and its bitch. I cannot help but to play it, to buy more games for it, to give it its every need. When it calls for me, I must go to it. I must find that last hidden package, perform the entire set of unique tricks, get the ultimate weapon and/or destroy the enemy. It is a moral imperative, and I am unable to resist its siren call.

So much so that I anxiously await the arrival of its distant cousin, the GBA SP. I am counting down the days until March 23, when the official Nintendo release date has been set. I can hardly wait.