Xev: Part Cat, Part Cluster Lizard

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I got my baby kitty last night! She is the cutest thing in the world, about 10 weeks old and weighing only a pound or so. I named her Xev, after the character in Lexx, because the kitty has a flat tummy that has sort of lizard-looking spots. Also, she’s pretty feisty, so I figured the name worked.

We picked her up from Jenn’s cousin’s house last night and took her to Petco (“Where the pets go”) to pick out a bed and a scratching post.

$80 later, we came out with a new litter box (we realized the one we have isn’t big enough for two kitties), a scratching post/”cat condo” thing, an Iams kitten starter kit (food, toy, bowls), and a couple of toys she can play with.

Then we brought her home to meet Semper, the 15 pound tub of cat that we already had.

Semper is a big cat, but she really just doesn’t care about much. She’s pretty laid back. She’ll wanna sniff around, but she’s not really going to do anything about anything.

When we introduced Xev to Semper, Semper sort of sniffed a bit and then flopped over on her side. Pretty obvious friendship offering, I thought. Xev decided to growl and arch her back, which was pretty funny because she’s about as big around as a pipe cleaner, and the growl was more cute than scary.

Anyway, as Xev walked around, getting accustomed to her new surroundings, Semper would stay a constant four feet behind her. If Xev would start walking, Semper would start walking. If Xev stopped to smell something, Semper would sit down and wait.

Long story short, they weren’t as fast of friends as I thought they might be, but I think there’s potential. Xev needs to chill out and Semper needs to be a little less possessive of stuff (she’ll hiss just a little bit if Xev walks past the food). I think it’ll all be okay.

We put Xev in the bathroom overnight with her bed, food, water, and the old litter box. That way she wouldn’t be in danger of getting into anything with Semper. Besides which, she cried so loud when she was just free that we couldn’t stand it anymore and had to stick her in the bathroom. I’m surprised Semper didn’t come around the corner and club her, the racket she was making.

I’ll try to take a picture of her soon and put it up so you can see her. The people at Petco said she was part Bengal, which I tend to agree with - that’s exactly what she looks like. Only tiny, and sort of lizardish. Either way, she’s my baby.