Mostly Back to Normal

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After a busy week and a busier weekend, life around the house is almost back to normal. Tomorrow they’ll pick up my electronics for cleaning. On Wednesday the cleaning crew is going to seal in our asbestos-filled ceiling because it can’t be cleaned. Then Friday the upholstered items that haven’t been taken (carpet, couch, etc.) will all be cleaned. Finally, Monday the crew will come and put everything back together.

Then this whole ordeal will be over.

Except that the apartment complex still owes me money for replacing all the food that was ruined, the day I had to take off of work to get things moving in the cleaning process, and all the meals we had to eat out because we couldn’t cook in the kitchen.

I have a whole new respect for people who get nailed by smoke or water damage. What we’ve got is, I’m sure, nowhere near what a lot of people have dealt with, and even this little bit has turned life upside-down.

Jenn and I went to see Mr. Deeds this weekend and we both thought it was pretty darn good. It never hurts that Winona Ryder, shoplifter as she may be, is completely gorgeous. I’ve liked her ever since Beetlejuice and really got sucked in for Bram Stoker’s Dracula… but this next-door-girl look she’s got going in Mr. Deeds takes the cake. There is a qualification, though: With the long hair, she’s like buttah. With short hair… eh. Not so much. But any day of the week, Winona, just stop on by my place. I promise Jenn won’t mind.

Jenn and I went on a bit of a DVD-buying trip this weekend because it was double-discount day for employees at Fred Meyer. I ended up getting:

I watched the director’s commentary on Ferris Bueller and it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, my PS2 started crapping out toward the end; I’m not sure if it’s dirty from the soot problem or if it overheats after about an hour and a half of playing or what. I ended up not getting to watch the last five minutes or so.

Hopefully tonight I’ll get to pick one of the baby kitties that Jenn’s cousins have. The one I want (and the only one left unclaimed) is the runt of the litter, a tiny cat with a flat chest like a lizard. I think I want to name her Xev.