What's My Name?

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Last weekend I had the oil changed for the first time in the life of my car. It was a good experience; the folks at the Acura dealership were really nice and overall I loved the service.

The only problem I had was that, for the following week, every time I’d stop while driving around, I’d smell burning oil. I sort of expect this after an oil change; pending on how messy the guy changing the oil is, there may be some oil that’s splattered somewhere on the engine that’s burning off.

But the smell persisted. Today’s Friday, and I should not be smelling things. So I stopped in the parking lot at work and decided to open up the hood to see if there was something glaringly wrong.

Battery looks good… hoses are connected… things look - hey, wait. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY OIL CAP?!?!

Those bastards didn’t put my oil cap back on after changing the oil.

Now, I’m not a whiz with cars. I know a little bit about some stuff, but for the most part, I leave the car stuff to the trained professionals. But I do know enough to realize having no oil cap is not a good thing.

So I called the dealership back and they’re going to replace my oil cap, steam clean the engine, and check things out. I take it in later this morning for that one. I’m just hoping nothing is trashed. I’ve only driven the car 8000 miles. I’m going to get a receipt of some nature so that two weeks from now, when a rod blasts through my hood and kills a pedestrian or something, I’ve got documented proof that it was their fuckup, not mine.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Unbelieveable.