Off For Vegas

[Days Until Vegas: 4]

Well, for all intents and purposes, I’m off to Vegas. I won’t be adding to the blog over the weekend, I’m taking Monday to pack, rest up, etc., and Tuesday through Friday of next week, it’s Viva Las Vegas.

For those who care (on a whole different note):

I just got a call from the Acura dealership and they have my car ready, which is cool. It’ll be good to have it back, since they stuck me with this Enterprise Rent-A-Clown-Car. It’s a four-door Corolla that I have to fold myself into a contortionist position to get into. And the gas and brake pedals are so close together it’s hard to tell where one stops and the other starts.

Anyway, it’ll be nice to be able to drive again. Even if I was only without my car for a few hours.

And a final sidetrack before I sign off for a week: Today is Fred Meyer employee double-discount day so I get 20% off anything (except food and pharmacy) at Freddy’s via my mom. She had an extra coupon for 10% additional off any DVDs, so I picked up The Godfather trilogy for a bargain - normal price is $75, I got it for $54. Can’t complain about that - $21 extra dollars to spend in VEGAS!